Christine Hu - 胡晓嵐 (b.2001, based in Dural, Australia) is a Chinese-Australian multidisciplinary artist who partakes in painting, sculpture, digital art, photo media and drawing. she is currently studying her Bachelors in Fine Arts, majoring in painting. 
Hu aims to combine personal interests, often stemming from obscure media and culture with materials that resonate with her personal practice at a certain point in time. More accurately, Christine enjoys exploring a wide range of materials to better understand the abundance of potential materiality. 
inspired and influenced by horror cinema, historical literature, botany, modern day media and technology, hu particularly places a focus on the aesthetic value of artwork, founded and intrigued by the part of Chinese culture or perhaps her upbringing which cultivated this obsession and preference for aesthetically pleasing items.
similarly to her exploration of materiality, she examines the psychology of self.
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